ClaimsMeet your TPS Claims Team

Our claims handling philosophy at TPS is simple: we pay what we owe, no more and no less.  At TPS it is all about the relationship. It’s more than just a client-carrier relationship; it’s a partnership.

- Director of Claims, Stephen Koon

Stephen Koon: Director of Claims
Stephen Koon
Director of Claims
Cindy Benedict: Claims Adjuster
Cindy Benedict
Claims Adjuster
Tina Carr: Claims Adjuster
Tina Carr
Claims Adjuster 
Rick Elliott: Claims Adjuster
Rick Elliott
Claims Adjuster 
Donna Ford: Claims Adjuster
Donna Ford
Claims Adjuster 
Laura Martinez: Claims Adjuster
Laura Martinez
Claims Adjuster
Richard Salce: Claims Adjuster
Richard Salce
Claims Adjuster
Denise Vavrina: Claims Adjuster
Denise Vavrina
Claims Adjuster
Mike Vallejo: Claims Adjuster
Mike Vallejo
Claims Adjuster
Andrew Hernandez: Claims Assistant
Andrew Hernandez
Claims Assistant