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TPS Board of Trustees

Committed to the principles of service, integrity, and professionalism.

Each member of the Board of Trustees is committed to the principles of service, integrity, and professionalism while providing our valued stakeholders with quality products at the lowest cost. Our mission is to secure the current needs of our stakeholders with accurate, flexible, and innovative protection while partnering with them to find the best solutions for their long-term goals.

The individuals who serve on the TPS Board of Trustees are in many ways unsung heroes of local government in Texas. They take their responsibilities very seriously and spend countless hours safeguarding TPS on behalf of schools, cities, counties, and other local entities because they believe our services are vital, and because they believe that competition in the market is the best way to ensure that local governments get the best pricing possible for their coverage.

These men and women serve without pay or other compensation, participating in numerous meetings each year, dealing with volumes of documents, financials, budgets, and other matters, and making many policy decisions in an ever-changing insurance market.

So if you know or meet a member of the Board of Trustees, thank them for their service. They don't ask for thanks, but they earn it nevertheless.

Gary Earnest


Earnest Wolff


Rene Vargas


Paul Hinojos


Donny Webb


Tyson Bennett


James R. Cline


Ryan Kahlden