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Crisis Management (Active Assailant)

Provided as a value-added, no cost, service to assist TPS members in the event of workplace violence, active assailant, or similar crisis event.

Crisis Management coverage includes:

  • Indemnifies against physical loss or physical damage to insured property caused by a deadly weapon event.
  • AD&D benefits for loss of limb, mutilation, loss of sight, loss of speech, loss of hearing, and permanent or total disability.
  • Reimburses for payments for medical expenses for physical injury due to an accident directly caused by a deadly weapon.
  • Expenses incurred for the provision of crisis management services after a deadly weapon event.
  • Counseling services to any eligible person and their immediate family member(s) in connection with a deadly weapon event.
  • Reasonable and necessary funeral expenses incurred in connection with a deadly weapon event.
  • Coverage for off-site deadly weapon events at a sporting event or other off-site location (graduation, awards banquet, etc.) that has previously been agreed to prior to the deadly weapon event.
  • All coverages are subject to various sub-limits and other limitations.