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General Liability

TPS offers General Liability coverage for our Members. We provide separate coverage documents for Schools/Colleges and for Public Entities (non-school). General Liability coverage protects the Member against the financial loss associated with most liability exposures, other than auto, school board legal liability/public officials liability, cyber, and law enforcement.

General Liability coverage includes:

  • Broad Definition Covered Party (Elected or Appointed Officials & Authorized Volunteers included)
  • Corporal Punishment Coverage Included for Schools
  • Fire Damage to Rented Premises Coverage
  • Defense Expense Outside Limits of Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability Coverage
  • Incidental Medical Malpractice for Nurses & Emergency Medical Personnel Coverage Included
  • Loss Prevention Services Included
  • Medical Expense Coverage (Students & Athletes excluded)
  • Personal & Advertising Injury Coverage
  • Premises Liability Coverage for Jails Available
  • Products & Completed Operation Coverage
  • Rendering or Failure to Render Aid Coverage for Non-medical Professionals Included (Schools / Colleges Only)
  • Deductibles of $0 up to $50,000 (negotiable)