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Law Enforcement Liability

TPS offers Law Enforcement Liability for our Members for their municipal and county police and sheriff operations, or for their school and university-based law enforcement operations.  However, school marshal or guardian programs can be covered under the General Liability coverage.

Law enforcement liability protects the Member against financial loss due to law enforcement claims for things such as false arrest, excessive force, and invasion of privacy.

Law Enforcement Liability coverage includes:

  • Premises Liability Coverage
  • Coverage for Off-duty Activities, if Departmentally Approved
  • Coverage for Law Enforcement Assistance Rendered Pursuant to Mutual-assistance Agreements
  • Broad Definition of Covered Party
  • Broad Personal Injury Coverage, Includes Emotional Distress, Subject to Exclusions
  • Consent to Settle Clause has Only a 50% Co-insurance Requirement for Insured
  • Defense Expenses Outside Limits of Liability
  • Occurrence Form
  • Loss includes Pre & Post-judgment Interest
  • Protection for Innocent Covered Parties
  • Deductibles of up to $50,000 (negotiable)