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Property & Mobile Equipment

TPS offers Property and Mobile Equipment coverage for our members. Property coverage protects the Member against financial loss due to damage to property owned by the Member. This damage must occur at a scheduled/covered location and have been caused by a covered peril such as fire, hail, windstorm, water, vandalism, etc.

Property & Mobile Equipment coverage includes:

  • Blanket Building & BPP (contents) Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Boiler & Machinery /Equipment Breakdown Coverage Included (Spoilage, Expediting Expenses, CFC Refrigerants)
  • Earthquake Coverage Included
  • Errors & Omissions Coverage Included
  • Extra Expense Coverage Included
  • Fine Art Coverage Included
  • Flood Coverage Included (Water which Backs Up Through Sewer, Drains, or Sumps)
  • Loss Prevention Services Included
  • Newly Constructed or Acquired Property Coverage Included
  • Off-Premises Property Coverage Included
  • Ordinance or Law Coverage included
  • Outdoor Property (Trees, Shrubs, Plants, etc.) & Debris Removal Coverage Included
  • Personal Effects Coverage Included
  • Pollution Cleanup & Removal Coverage Included
  • Property in Transit Coverage Included
  • Utility Services/ Direct Damage Coverage Included
  • Valuable Paper Coverage Included
  • Deductibles vary by TIV, geographical location, loss history, and other underwriting factors
  • NO property coverage in Tier I