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Texas Political Subdivisions (TPS) is committed to helping current Fund members receive the tools/equipment/training necessary to implement safe work practices and develop a solid loss prevention program. This is accomplished by providing Fund members with financial assistance to obtain resources that can assist in reducing the severity and/or frequency of losses.


Only current Guarantee Cost Fund members are eligible to apply. The member must have a designated “Safety Grant Coordinator”. The coordinator may be a department head, maintenance supervisor, or similar job position. This person must provide all necessary contact information and must sign the application being sent in for review. An additional signature should come from upper-level management (manager/administrator, mayor, principal, superintendent, or select board member). For the purpose of this grant, department heads, are NOT considered upper-level management. The grants are awarded in August of each year. To be considered for the grant, your application must be received by the end of business on May 1.

  • The total requested cost must be above $500. Grant requests must be for single items (such as body armor, eyewash stations, SCBA equipment, catalytic converter locks, etc.) or groups of related items (such as upgrades to existing fire alarm systems, an extension of building sprinkler system, fall protection, etc.).
  • Items should not be purchased until you are notified the grant has been awarded. Projects that receive funding from other similar grant programs are not eligible for this Safety Grant.
  • The equipment or service must be associated with the self-insurance coverage provided by TPS to the participating Fund member. For example, Fund members who only purchase workers’ compensation coverage would not be eligible for a grant to purchase video security equipment for their facility.
  • To be eligible for a grant, the Fund member must have completed at least 75% of any Loss Control recommendations issued during the current policy period. Recommendations are considered outstanding when they have not been addressed within 60 days from the date of the risk control visit.
  • Fund members with outstanding recommendations may submit grant applications that include systems and/or equipment that will correct the outstanding recommendation(s). The Fund member should review recent loss control recommendation letters to determine whether recommendations have been addressed.  Alternatively, you may contact your loss control representative directly to obtain copies of these reports or ask questions about the degree of compliance with recommendations.
  • Grant awards are valid six months from the date that the award letter or email was issued to the Fund member. Unused grant awards will immediately terminate if a member leaves TPS.

Grant Awards

  • The total amount of Safety Grant money will be determined each year by the TPS Board of Trustees (Board) based on the prior years’ Fund performance. Safety Grants are not guaranteed from year to year and may be discontinued at any time at the sole discretion of the Board.
  • Only one application per Fund member can be submitted.
  • The TPS Safety Grant Program will provide reimbursement to qualifying Fund members for approved purchases after supporting documentation has been provided to TPS. Grants can only be used to purchase items approved by TPS in the initial application.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Funds disbursed under this program are intended to purchase safety equipment or services that directly enhance the safety of employees, or improve the protection of property, insured by TPS. Any items considered as a normal course of business, or routine expenses such as repair of existing damage, regular maintenance, or annual equipment service do not qualify.
  • Applications requesting items that directly enhance the safety of employees from severe or frequent workplace exposures and demonstrate a need to provide or replace non-existent or sub-standard equipment will be given priority. All grant award decisions shall be made by TPS. Applications that do not meet program guidelines will not be considered.
  • Applications may be submitted by written application which can be requested through your Loss Control Representative.

Equipment Examples


  • Emergency Eyewash Stations
  • SCBA Equipment
  • Lockout/Tagout Equipment
  • Upgrades to Fire Alarm System
  • Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinets
  • PPE (all)
  • Wet Floor Signs
  • AED (batteries and service)
  • Lightning suppression
  • First Aid supplies


  • Payroll for any employee
  • Organization Dues
  • TPS Fund contributions
  • Any insurance premium
  • Regular maintenance costs
  • Property repair expenses
  • Building upgrades to meet current building codes
  • ADA compliance retrofitting

The spirit of this program is to help make high-cost items more affordable while ensuring that as many Fund members as possible can benefit. In all cases, the minimum reimbursement request must be at least $500.

All applicants will receive an award notification indicating the award amount, or a rejection letter indicating why the application was rejected in whole or in part. Amounts noted in the award letter will be based on the detail provided in the application and its supporting documents, subject to program limitations.

Please read this entire document carefully to review eligibility, grant limitations, and other requirements before completing the application.

If you have any questions or need further clarification or assistance with completing your application, please do not hesitate to contact the TPS Loss Control Team.

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Grant Recipients