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TPS News & Events

We are pleased to announce the release of our new website! Months of collaboration, design and testing has paid off! Right away visitors to the new site will notice the updated graphics and will immediately gain a clearer knowledge of what TPS has to offer. After registering to the site, users have access to a robust member portal with access to various safety videos, online training courses, safety training correspondence, and everything you need to know about our Safety Grant Program.

We are particularly excited about our “Notice of Loss” section on the site. This section was totally retooled and now Users may submit ten different types of notice of losses, copy multiple emails on each notice of loss and select from multiple dropdown lists. In addition, there is an autofill feature, and helpful hints for users to know what type of loss notice to submit. All these enhancements will speed up the submission, setup, and handling of new losses.

Going forward, please exclusively utilize the “File a Claim” section of the site for reporting all new losses. With our new software we can customize each notice of loss and the reporting process to accommodate members’ specific needs, so please let us know if you have special reporting needs.