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TPS News & Events

Left to right: Katherine Culver (TPS LC Rep), Monique Ballard, Sharon Alsup, Kathy Bridges, Bill Johnston, Julie Phillips, Karen Dillon, Teresa Simpson.

Congratulations to the Red Oak ISD as a 2022 TPS Safety Grant recipient. They received $11,150 for flammable liquid storage cabinets.

$100,000 in Grants Available for TPS Fund Members

The TPS Board of Trustees approved a total of $100,000 for 2022 safety grants for fund members.

Texas Political Subdivisions (TPS) is committed to helping current Fund members receive the tools/equipment/training necessary to implement safe work practices and develop a solid loss prevention program. This is accomplished by providing Fund members with financial assistance to obtain resources that can assist in reducing the severity and/or frequency of losses.