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Congratulations to the City of Highland Village for being a 2022 TPS Safety Grant recipient. They received $9,301.94 for Personal Protective Equipment. 

$100,000 in Grants Available for TPS Fund Members!

The TPS Board of Trustees approved $100,000 for 2022 safety grants for fund members.

Texas Political Subdivisions JSIF is committed to helping current Fund members receive the tools/equipment/training necessary to implement safe work practices and develop a solid loss prevention program. This is accomplished by providing Fund members with financial assistance to obtain resources that can reduce the severity and frequency of losses.

Pictured above (left to right): Kimberly Lopez; HR Manager, Don Strange; Manager of Streets and Code Enforcement, Phil Schmidt; Parks Supervisor, Allen Hall; TPS Loss Control Director, Cory Gullo; Police Sergeant, and Paul Stevens; City Manager