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  1. Contracting with a private security company:  Districts need to ensure the agreement and insurance are adequate. Agreements should include hold harmless, defense, and indemnification clauses, and separation of duties should be clearly outlined (Districts should not direct or instruct security guard duties). Insurance should have adequate limits, the Member should be named as an Additional Insured, and Certificates of Insurance should be obtained. In this scenario, our coverage should not apply as the security company should be providing indemnification and defense of any claims related to their work. 
  2. Law Enforcement Officers/Certified Peace Officers:  Districts employing these officers, as defined in the Education Code Title 2, Subtitle G, Chapter 37, Subchapter C, Section 37.081, should carry our law enforcement coverage. This would provide a $1,000,000 limit at an additional cost.    
  3. Marshal/Guardian Programs: The school marshal program requires staffers to undergo 80 hours of training overseen by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement and requires a psychological background check. The guardian program, which a state agency does not oversee, requires 16 hours of training. Both would be covered under our General Liability with $100/$300/$100 limits at no additional cost. However, we do require Districts to notify us when they have a program in place, and we ask for copies of their adopted policies/procedures related to the administration of the programs.     


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