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At Texas Political Subdivisions JSIF, we are always interested in how our members reduce their potential losses. As you know, catalytic converter thefts are rampant in Texas, and we have been searching for ways to mitigate these losses and pass along this information to our members. One method has been to reimburse our members for catalytic converter clamps through our Safety Grant Program. Another way is making recommendations to increase security (fencing, cameras, lighting, etc.) in parking areas where these thefts have occurred.

One member had 33 catalytic converters stolen from their bus fleet. This occurred on three separate occasions, 11 being stolen each time. Just recently, we received another claim for eight buses. Although this may be covered under your coverage with TPS, there is always a deductible to consider. This can result in a significant loss that was not anticipated and is difficult to budget. Recently, I was in discussion with one of our members concerning their methods to prevent this type of occurrence. The member stated, “When a fleet vehicle goes into the shop for routine maintenance or repairs, it is painted a non-metallic orange.” 

This paint is difficult to remove, and recyclers will not accept painted catalytic converters. Since implementing this marking of the catalytic converters, they have not had any thefts. In addition to this method, employees are advised “to park in well-lit, secured areas and always lock their doors.”