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Effective April 1, 2024, our pharmacy program services for workers’ compensation prescriptions will be provided by MyMatrixx. The current pharmacy program with Mitchell Script Advisors will remain in place until March 31, 2024, so services will not be disrupted.

MyMatrixx is an industry-leading pharmacy benefit manager for work-related injury claims. With access to a nationwide network of more than 64,000 pharmacies and superior customer service, we know this transition will be seamless and a huge benefit to our members and their injured workers'.

New Prescription ID Cards:

MyMatrixx will mail new prescription ID cards to all active injured workers’, making them aware of this change. Injured workers' will be reminded that their MyMatrixx prescription ID card contains new information the pharmacy needs to process their prescription(s) properly. To view the First Fill Temporary Prescription ID Card, click the box below.

Filling Prescriptions at Retail Pharmacies:

Beginning April 1, 2024, injured workers' may fill authorized workers’ compensation prescriptions at any pharmacy. Injured workers' will receive a partial list of network pharmacies with their prescription ID card. This will also provide them with a customer service number if they have questions (800-939-7081).

The Convenience of Home Delivery:

Injured workers’ taking long-term medications for their work-related injury can start filling their prescriptions on April 1, 2024, through home delivery from the Express Scripts PharmacySM. With home delivery, they can receive up to a 90-day supply of medication mailed directly to their home. To sign up for home delivery, injured workers' may call MyMatrixx Customer Service at 800-939-7081.

Additional information may be obtained through your individual Claim Adjuster or here.