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As many of you know, TPS offers cyber liability coverage (through Chubb) in conjunction with our general liability coverage. 

Chubb offers several risk management tools for all TPS cyber liability members. Many of these essential mitigation tools and advisory resource services are complimentary, while others are offered at a significant discount. This includes discounts on Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) assessments and implementation assistance.  Click the ‘Cyber Services Overview and Request Page’ link below to review and request these complimentary and significantly discounted services. 

Chubb offers another service, the ‘Scheduling Tool,’ which is highlighted below. This tool allows TPS members to schedule a call with a Chubb Cyber Risk Advisor to obtain an orientation on all cyber services or to discuss general support questions. Please get in touch with us to schedule a call or request more information about this service by clicking the link below.

See additional links below to the ‘Chubb Approved Vendors List’ and the ‘Cyber Liability Coverage Highlights’ sheet. 


Please contact us with any questions or to receive more information.