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Claims Management

TPS takes a comprehensive, well-structured, and expertly managed approach to every claim. Our claims professionals communicate clearly with all parties involved and continuously monitor and manage all of the issues that can affect the cost of a claim. Through our experience in all aspects of claims management, we’ve developed an exemplary set of best practices for the day-to-day conduct of our business. The result is a cohesive, consistent service delivery from the first report of a claim through to its successful resolution.

Claims Management encompasses an overall effort from the following services which TPS includes in its package to you. It’s a quality cost savings package for everyone’s program.

  • Average adjuster experience 20 years
  • Bilingual adjusters
  • Designated adjusters & supervisors on your account
  • Less than 3% employee turnover rate
  • Claims guide/kits provided
  • Claims indexing standard
  • In-house continuing education program
  • Monthly loss run reporting
  • On-site claims reviews

We have claims adjusters in Dallas, Lubbock, and Central Texas.