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Loss Control

No one wants to see accidents happen—that's why loss control is at the core of the TPS philosophy.

Our loss control program focuses on prevention. By eliminating or mitigating potential causes of injury for our members and their employees, we reduce the overall cost of loss. By listening to you and learning about your operations, we can design and implement a customized safety and loss prevention program that will significantly reduce the frequency and severity of injuries.

Our loss control professionals are concerned with the human cost of loss. By addressing safety issues before they cause injuries, we help protect our employer partners and their employees from the uncertainty and worry that accompanies every on-the-job injury. We care about safety and it shows in our work.

TPS offers comprehensive Loss Prevention and Control services. Our loss prevention professionals work closely with you to identify actual and potential workplace problems and causes, design safer workplaces, and help you navigate today's complex and changing regulatory and environmental issues. Services provided include:

  • Periodic loss control visits to your site to complete a safety survey and evaluation.
  • Providing the results in a Client Service Report, identifying hazards, procedures, and operations that present potential dangers to employees. Suggestions and recommendations are made to help develop, implement, and enhance your in-house employee safety program.
  • Working with client staff to design and implement a successful employee safety program as an integral part of the Workers' Compensation plan.
  • Assistance in safety training for management, supervisors, and employees.
  • Hazard recognition and response training
  • Accident investigation training
  • Assistance in addressing required safety compliance standards.
  • TPS Safety Grant Program